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Directorate of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship
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About the Directorate

The Directorate was initially called Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies and recently changed to Directorate of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship. It was established by the University Senate on Thursday, 26th May, 2011. The Directorate was established to be a model for the Nigerian University System.
The aim of the programme is to have a well-equipped Research Centre for Entrepreneurship/Leadership Studies and to re-train those who have experience in different vocational skills (i.e. Train the Trainers). To make LASUDSDE an executive education learning partner of choice to a wide range of Public and Private Organizations.
The Lagos State University, Directorate of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship is a practical and business oriented directorate where people of diverse background & culture receive training. It is a conceptualized Directorate that aims at empowering participants through provision of technical based training etc. Read More

79 Courses

Certificate Courses

32 Courses

Stream II Students

15 Faculty


4 Years

Programme Duration


The Centre is been administered by Management Board, Academic Board members, Advisory Board,
Resource persons, Bursary and other registry staff.

Full-Time Courses

Lagos State University Directorate of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship offers Basic Principles of Entrepreneurship (ENT 202) for 200L students and Practical Entrepreneurship (ENT 302) for 300L students for full time students. These courses are pre-requisite and students who could not pass ENT 202 cannot register for ENT 302 examination in the following year.

ENT 202 (Basic Principles of Entrepreneurship)
Course Outline
  • Definition of Entrepreneurship and Turning knowledge into Profit (Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Entrepreneurship theory & practice)
  • Entrepreneurship in Personal and National Development (Importance of entrepreneurship and possible business opportunities in Nigeria)
  • Capitalization and Market Forces (Determining capital requirements, raising capital, financial planning & management)
  • Entrepreneurship Qualities and Skills (Innovation)
  • Entrepreneurship Outfit( forms of business, staffing, marketing and new opportunities)
  • Making a Business Plan and Feasibility Studies.(starting a new business and new venture creation)
  • Entrepreneurial Relations & Ethics, Taking Risks, Facing Threats and managing crises
  • Recycling Profits
  • Diversification and ensuring Sustainability
  • Intellectual, Property, Patent and Registration of Business (legal ssues; Insurance and environmental considerations)
  • Business opportunities in Logistics and Clearing, Exports of produce and goods.
ENT 302 (Practical Entrepreneurial)
Course Outline (Vocational Training)

Students are expected to select a vocation among the numerous options available. Students are incubated for three months on a particular option selected after which students will display their products at the exhibition point where assessment will be conducted on the level of training received. Find below some of the vocational courses in ENT 302.

  • Soap, Detergent and Toiletries Production Water Treatment and Packaging Animal Husbandry (Snail breeding, Grass Cutter breeding)
  • Block Making, Interlocking, POP and Masonry Technology
  • Fish Farming
  • Crop Farming (Vegetable Production. Maize farming, Cassava farming)
  • Food processing I: Bread Making
  • Food Processing II: Cake Making
  • Food Processing III: Spring Rolls, Samosa, Mosa, Puff puff
  • Computer & Laptop repairs & Maintenance, Networking Mobile Phone repairs and Maintenance
  • Building Drawing
  • Welding, Metal Works and Fabrication
  • Tailoring and Fashion Design
  • Leather works
  • Bead making
  • Hat making
  • Make-up and Cosmetics
  • Event Planning
  • Hotel and Event Management
  • Photography
  • Drama and Entertainment (Drama)
  • Drama and Entertainment (Music)
  • Drama and Entertainment (Entertainment)
  • Motor Vehicle repairs
  • Furnishing and Wood work
  • Inverter, CCTV and Tracking of vehicle training
  • Solar Energy/Panel development
  • Generator repair
  • House cleaning and laundry services
  • Printing services
  • Home Decoration, Soft furnishing and craft making
  • Domestic wiring
  • Paint production
  • Website development and Digital marketing e.g. Bloggers
  • Writing and Publishing

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Entrepreneurship Building, Beside School of Transport Building, LASU, Ojo, Lagos.
Director, LASUDSDE: 08029088655 Secretary, LASUDSDE: 08034026806