About the Directorate

Brief History of LASUDSDE

The Directorate was initially called Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies and recently changed to Directorate of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship. It was established by the University Senate on Thursday, 26th May, 2011. The Directorate was established to be a model for the Nigerian University System.
The aim of the programme is to have a well-equipped Research Centre for Entrepreneurship/Leadership Studies and to re-train those who have experience in different vocational skills (i.e. Train the Trainers). To make LASUDSDE an executive education learning partner of choice to a wide range of Public and Private Organizations.
The Lagos State University, Directorate of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship is a practical and business oriented directorate where people of diverse background & culture receive training. It is a conceptualized Directorate that aims at empowering participants through provision of technical based training etc.

Vision Statement

To become a world class Entrepreneurship Directorate that will be a model for best practices.

Mission Statement

To produce innovative graduates through effective training and research that would generate employment opportunities and add value to the society as well as impact vocational skills and knowledge to the general public.

Core Ethic

"Training for services and productivity to develop mindsets and give road map strategies".

Objectives of the Directorate

Entrepreneurial Studies is pivotal to economic growth of any nation as such LASUDSDE is set out for meeting the following objectives:

  1. Lagos State University Directorate of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship is a practical project-based directorate that examines issues, challenges and opportunities that Entrepreneurs face.
  2. To be a source of inspiration to staff and students in pursuit of entrepreneurial training.
  3. To integrate general entrepreneurship courses into existing curricular in all faculties of the University.
  4. To provide capacity building for University Staff (both academic and administrative) to become entrepreneurial icons.
  5. To give training in various skills that foster entrepreneurship and innovation among the public including monitoring/mentoring individuals and corporate bodies.
  6. To provide entrepreneurial consultancy services to the government and Private sector, thereby generating revenue to the University.
  7. To collaborate with National and Global Education and Financial Institutions on entrepreneurship in reducing inequalities and ensuring more economic growth.